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Données sur les stocks

KPIs for Westeer / Get value of your business data

KPIs for Westeer relies on BIbyourself data engine provider, ensuring you always keep all Westeer data in real-time to monitor and track the performance of your business.

KPis for Westeer, developed with Power BI, provides you with many Key Performance Indicators and Dashboards to give you a clear vision of your data to allow you to make the right decisions.

In addition of  KPIs for Westeer, helped with Power BI you can also create or enhance easily your own dashboards with the granularity you want in a few clicks thanks to its ergonomic and easy to use user interface.

With KPIs for Westeer, all your analysis, reports and dashboards can be connected directly to Bibyourself for Westeer (enabling other data sources).

Get the 360 vision of your business profitability.


KPIs for Westeer provides a complete overview of your data to make the right decisions.

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