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How to install KPIs for Westeer?

KPIs for Westeer

Power BI Application installation instructions

Environment Setup

 Power BI Version: Ensure you are using the latest version of Power BI and have an active license to test the application.

 Account Protection: If your organization requires an account protection setup, click on Skip Setup.


Installation and Login

 Application Installation: Download and install the application from the installation link.


Data Configuration

Connecting to Data Sources: Follow these steps to connect the application to the necessary data sources.

Open the application and navigate to the 'Connect your data' option.

Enter the following value for settings:

EnvironmentName: WESTEER_DEMO

CompanyName: Westeer EN

Leave the other settings as default.


Connection and Security

- Connecting to Westeer onDynamics365BusinessCentral: Ensure that the selected authentication method is OAuth2 and the privacy level setting is set to Organizational, then Connect.

Login: Use your account information to log into the application.

User: [Username]

Password: [Password]

Security: Ensure that security features, such as authentication and access permissions, are functioning as intended.


Features to Test

Report: Explore the report available in the application. Check the accuracy of the data.

Data Refresh: Test the data refresh functionality to ensure the report updates correctly.

Feedback and Bug Reporting

Please provide feedback on the user experience, features, and performance.

In case of bugs or issues, please report them to with screenshots and a detailed description.

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